lozzie wild of wildlikechild

situational spontaneity Chicago, IL

more than merely existing

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PA > CA > TN > IL
trains, planes, ships & automobiles with a good dose of hustle sticks! (Q: hustle sticks? A: legs)

This is a collective of real life, alternate realities created to fit into what I perceive as "absolute". I call it a dash of situational spontaneity because, isn't everything? we can never fully predict our shots, there may be an exact vision but often, a bit of magic takes place & that's when you truly begin to see like an artist.

If you'd like to set up a photo session
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OR a chit chat on life
to try to figure out why we are here, because I'm still working on answers!
814.490.0275 will get you there!
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Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

BFA w/concentration in photography